Wednesday, November 5, 2014

November marks the start of winter for me!

Sure, I realize that the official start of winter is December the 21st. (A day that has the longest night and shortest day, aka the Winter Solstice)! That's nice, but for me, any day that sees temperatures averaging in the forties qualifies it as 'winter like'. And, even though we had one day that saw 70, most were on the cool side. Unfortunately, the trend will only go down hill over the next three to four months! While November sees average readings of 58F to 34F, December averages 46F to 24F with January at 45F to 22 degrees and February rounds out the winter period at 50F and 26F respectively! These readings average down to 46F, 35F, 33.5F and 38F and so are quite cool to cold.

With electric rates 13% higher this year than last, I can be sure to see quite a bite if this winter is at or below average! Therefore, I plan to to do everything I can think of to employ cost saving devices over the coming months. I am also planning on selling my home soon and on downgrading to something smaller and hopefully more heating/cooling efficient.

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