Wednesday, March 9, 2011

When gas goes to ten a gallon!

Should some really bad things happen to our oil supply, then the price of gas could go into the upper stratosphere at some point. America has made it official policy to ignore the exploitation of its own reserves in favor of getting it from people who basically hate both us and our lifestyle. I think that much is common knowledge. We all knew in the back of our minds that someday, bad things could happen where the oil we buy may get partially or completely cut off. Sadly, that day is now upon us as a country!

Ask a person living in Arctic Village, Alaska what its like to try and live with $10 a gallon gasoline. They’ve been paying that for some time now and will tell you that while life does go on, it’s not one they would wish to have. Up there, filling up a Chevy Suburban gas tank costs about $310! So, just getting around at all is a luxury. Going to a grocery store up there is also a bit of a shock as the high fuel costs have placed even some common items off limits for all but the wealthy.  In 2008 a bag of flour costs $55 in some locations. I wonder what it costs these days.

In reality, such an increase would pretty well spell the end of this country and others. On a bright note, the death spiral would be pretty short.