Wednesday, December 11, 2013

A tale of energy use woe!

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Nothing tells a story quite like a graph! These two scatter charts represent the first ten days in December 2013 versus the entire month last year. The y-axis shows kilowatt hours and the x-axis represents the average or 'mean temperatures' experienced from one day to the next. Below is a chart of the high and low temperatures this year compared to last year. We are currently 2 degrees below the average of 35F.

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Last year, I kept most of my house at about 66F while maintaining my bedroom at 72F. This year, I've used a Nest thermometer to set a schedule to raise the house to about 68F during the mid day hours and then to drop it back to 60F overnight. I used space heaters hooked to a thermostat to maintain the higher bedroom temperature.This has worked out well with the exception of the colder than normal temperatures in the early going of Dec 2013. At this time, I'm on track to hit about 2000 kWh's versus on 1400 for last year.

In a perfect month, most of the dots should center somewhere around the 35 degree mark as that is the historical average for my location in southwest Missouri. This year everything looks like it might be skewed to the left (colder).

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