Saturday, September 22, 2012

My 2012-13 winter power goals!

Let me set the record straight! Last year's winter was pretty darn mild. And so were my electric bills when compared to the year before. Over the four month period November through February, I used 4,066 kilowatt hours of electricity to run and warm my home. That was 2,639 kwh less than the winter season before and represented a 39.4% savings in hard cash! Yowser! This year I'm hoping we have yet another warm winter thanks to Global Climate Change. (I think the odds makers are saying we have something like a 34% chance of a plus 3 degree winter over the norm). If that comes to pass and along with other improvements I've made, I'm hoping for a drop yet another 25% off last year. In real terms, that would be about 1000 kilowatt hours less over the four month period and would represent one heck of a drop when you average the past two years out!

I'll post updates on how well I'm doing after the winter season gets underway.

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