Sunday, January 2, 2011

Blocking windows with a blanket! Was it worth it?

While think tanking back in November over a few bottle of beer, I came up with the idea of covering my sliding glass doors with large bedspreads to aid in keeping out the cold (see A Blanket Experiment). I am now prepared to report on my preliminary findings for the month of December 2010.

My findings were….inconclusive. While the covers did add a bit of panache to the over all theme of my home (my neighbors like to stand outside pointing), it is questionable as to how effective they were at hold in the heat or in keeping out the cold. In order to better quantify the results, I’ve elected to take the blanket off my bedroom sliding glass door for the month of January 2011. Hopefully, after taking temperature reading for an entire month I’ll be able to see if there were any savings or not.

I have also applied for a government grant by submitting a paper entitled “Scientific study of thermal gradients using polyester as a barrier device.” I asked for $500k to fund both the study and my beer chest.

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